When do you need to rent a server?

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If you don’t have experience with different hosting services, you will see the price difference between a shared hosting and a renting a server, and you will probably go for a shared one.

There are many different cloud-based hosting services, that promise you 100% uptime and prices from $5 per month. Sounds great but there is a big catch.

Shared means that you will not only share space with plenty of other websites but most important you will share all of the resources. RAM, CPUs, memory bandwidth and more. So in a moment, you could have negative consequences just because of your “neighbors”.

So if you want to skip these inconveniences, you should better choose a personal server instead. Just for and small extra payment, you will gain a lot more:


Performance is the key indicator that values the most. When you don’t share, all of the power of the server will be for you. This will benefit your clients significantly. The pages will load fast even if there are heavy elements. This will improve your SEO too.

Less limitations

You will also forget about the restriction of the traffic, the number of websites that you can host, number of databases and you can have far more space (50GB in a typical shared plan to at least 500GB on a server). You can update most of the components easily.


In a shared hosting, an attack to any of the other sites hosted on the same server can affect you. You can experience downtime and even lose of data. This can negatively impact your reputation.

If you choose to have your server, you can continuously monitor your traffic and protect yourself better by running special security software.


The shared hosting services have a control panel with limited options. If you want full control, you better rent a server. You can run different scripts and add the specific things you need. You can do this without asking some customer service representative and waste plenty of time.

So if you need better performance and more secure experience, renting a server is your choice.

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