When should kids get their first phone or tablet?

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When we were young, there were no mobile phones, no tables, not even a single computer in our homes. For most of the 90s kids, the first device arrived when we were already 10-12 years old. Was it the right age to get introduced to this technology? Or was it too early or maybe even too late?

Searching on the Internet, you can see a lot of different data. The most quoted statistic shows that on average children get their first mobile phone when they are 10.3 years old. This number comes from a questionable study by Influence Central. The study was conducted in the USA with only 500 respondents.

Yet, this study doesn’t provide us with something more than just an average number. Let’s see some scientists’ opinion. The America Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t shed light on when exactly we should have a first-hand introduction to the world of technology, but it does have some good recommendations.

So what should parents do?

Discourage the use of any device with a screen for children under 18 months.

For parents who really want to give tech gadgets to a baby aged 18 to 24 months, be very careful with the digital media that the kid will be exposed to. Choose high-quality programs and apps and always supervise them.

Limit the exposure to less than an hour a day for children above 2 years of age.

1 hour of screen time for children 2 to 5 years of age. Again, select the programs that they can watch.

Avoid fast programs and games. Also, avoid violence. Bad content can permanently damage your child.

No use of a gadget during meals or before going to bed.

What about the kids of the tech “giants”? Steve Jobs’ kids, didn’t receive an iPod when it came out. For him, the tablets and mobile phones were dangerous for the young.

The same goes for Bill Gates’ children. They were kept away from tablets and mobile phones until the age of 14.

If you ask us, there are too many risks. Brain damage, eye problems, behavioral changes, lack of social skills, fear of face-to-face communication and so on. It’s best if you don’t introduce your toddler to a tablet. Try to keep your kids away from pocket devices as much as you can. If you really need to buy them a phone, get them an old cellular phone so they will be less interested in it.

Be a good parent! Think about the health of your child first!

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