Why is DDoS protection vital for your server and website?

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DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks are an old weapon in the arsenal of hackers, but it’s one of their favorites. DDoS attacks are an easy way to disrupt the service of a website, server or entire networks. They are cheap and easy to organize. On top of that, they can be very effective. As such, having proper DDoS protection for your site, server or network is vital.

DDoS attacks usually rely on botnets – a network of infected computers and/or IoT devices which are under the control of hackers. The hackers can then command the devices to flood the target with a continuous stream of requests to the target. These requests can be something trivial, like a ping or a page or file load.

No matter the result of the request, the server has to check it and respond. So, if you do this with thousands and thousands of requests per second, eventually the server will be overwhelmed and won’t be able to fulfill them. It will result in a very slow or unresponsive server and every site or service that’s running on it. DDoS attacks are often used as a way for the hackers to cover their tracks if they have gained access to your data.

Not all DDoS are equal

There are several types of DDoS attacks for various servers, pages, networks and goals. They are a daily occurrence all over the Web and can last from a few minutes to several days. And some of the more advanced DDoS attacks can modulate and evolve as they progress.

The main way DDoS vectors differentiate from one another is via their targets. There are 7 network layers. Some attacks target only one layer, while others can use several at once. Also, some might start with attacks to specific layers and then switch them up based on the defensive measures taken by the target.

Basically, while the nature of DDoS attacks is simple, they are quite complicated to react to. And they require specific tools and skills. Most companies can’t really afford them, especially the ones that aren’t specialized in IT and are on a budget. So what to do?

So what to do?

There are plenty of ways companies of any size and budget can tackle DDoS attacks. They can hire specialists to help them out. And that’s not expensive. For example, take Neterra’s DDoS Protection service.

It’s a comprehensive solution which protects clients from DDoS attacks from Layer 3 to Layer 7. It combines specialized hardware equipment and a cloud platform that tackles all types of DDoS attacks even when their capacity is above 1.8 Tbps. The SecureCloud feature blocks attacks and keeps the useful traffic coming to the client as usual.

You also get a 24/7 non-stop proactive monitoring along with a notification system if anything happens. Clients also get a detailed report of the attacks. And if you have some specific requests, Neterra can fulfill them and create a custom solution for your needs.

The DDoS Protection Service is also available to combine with other cybersecurity features and services. Clients can also create whitelists and blacklists to further optimize and improve the performance of their service.

In short, Neterra’s DDoS Protection Service is tailored for the best results in a various range of scenarios. Be sure to check it out and contact Neterra if you want to get even more in-depth details.

But wait, there’s more

Neterra’s NetIX also has a special automated DDoS mitigation service. It’s called Smart Blackholing and automatically detects a rise in traffic accessing a single network. It can then identify the offending party and immediately stop all further traffic. It only allows normality to resume once approved traffic levels have returned.

“Most DDoS attacks happen during the night when networks have fewer engineers on-site to identify and stop an attack”, commented Neven Dilkov, founder of NetIX. He continued, “We developed our Smart Blackholing with this in mind; we want to help protect our customers and their reputations with our always-on, automated DDoS mitigation solution.”

There’s also a DDoS protection in Neterra’s Cloudware services. So, you are covered on all fronts when it comes to DDoS safety.

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